Making it Personal.

The Pittsburgh Promise had been concerned that they weren’t as well-known on a local, grassroots level in the city as well as they were known in the corporate world (where they had experienced a lot of fundraising success). We helped them develop a grassroots campaign to get bring more awareness and affinity on a larger scale with the people of Pittsburgh. 

City Pride.

The main strategy was to capitalize on the strong Pittsburgh neighborhood pride that most city residents identified with, and to begin to associate this with the scholarship program that was giving back to the city so much. The tagline “90 Neighborhoods, One Promise” seemed to capture this.

The Promise then created an entire grassroots campaign around this tagline, having their summer interns canvassing popular events in the city and distributing the campaign sticker to local businesses . In the end, over 2,500 new people were added to the Promise e-blast list.