The Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation has been equipping, connecting and mobilizing leaders to serve for the cultivation and restoration of Pittsburgh for almost 40 years. They’ve diligently trained and consulted with hundreds of influential leadersasking them to consider serving more than the growth of their organization and its bottom line.

As they took on a new direction aimed at attracting a wider audience of leaders, they approached us to help them redefine their identity through a new brand and website.

The Brand

Based on the ideas of direction, momentum and the confluence of the three rivers of Pittsburgh, we went through many designs before we settled on a simple but elegant shape that embodied the spirit of the city without being too cliche.

The Website

We conveyed this new creative direction in a brand new website design for PLF. We used inspirational, full-size photos with a bright, vintage color scheme for a fresh take on an innovative professional organization. We also drastically simplified page designs compared to the previous website to allow easier navigation for users and to accommodate a more mobile friendly design.

Brand Story Videos.

We also assisted in concepting and giving creative direction on a series of brand story videos that were placed on the new website.

The Results.

After the rebrand and the new site, PLF had record attendance at a number of their events—including two prominent city-wide meetings for influential leaders. They also took their consulting curriculum online, sharing their resources via the new website, which made for a much more streamlined process that saved time and money for the organization.