What is the data
really telling us?

TRG Arts, an international consulting firm for arts organizations, asked us to help them better tell their story to potential clients. They had already established themselves as industry pioneers in areas like dynamic pricing, audience loyalty development, and they had accomplished a big list of impressive results for many organizations, but they needed help telling these stories in a consistent, concise, and compelling way.

We began by giving their client case studies a facelift that featured strong photography and a clear, somewhat minimalist emphasis on results and statistics. Because TRG Arts prided themselves on being “the results group,” this direction fit nicely into their core values and brand. The same design philosophy was carried into a new website design and a number of other promotional pieces.

Case Studies

When designing the TRG Arts Case studies, we decided to use client production photos to set a certain dramatic tone. Client success statistics in a clear and minimalist style played a major visual role so that users who were quickly scanning rather than reading would comprehend the strong difference TRG makes for its clients.

Direct Mail Brochure

We also designed a direct mail piece for potential US & UK clients that gave a general overview of the company with impressive stats sprinkled in throughout the pages.


We adapted this style for TRG’s new website design, featuring climactic, full-size production client photos paired with its long list of impressive stats. Page designs were simplified from the previous design to allow easier navigation for users and for a more mobile friendly design.

Center for Results

TRG Arts offers a robust series of education programs and workshops to their clients at their Center for Results offices in Colorado Springs. We created engaging micro-brand designs for each of these programs, along with corresponding web and print pieces for each program.